About this work

   The work presented here has not been submitted so far to any corrections by third parties. It is therefore very likely that it contains mathematical and conceptual errors.

    I must admit that the present version of this work is quite messy and incomplete.  Everyone familiar with this type of work will understand how difficult it is to stick to the plan once the writing has started because this is normally a slow process during which new relations are found while others begin to be considered unimportant. This work already needs to be thoroughly restructured, suppressing confusing or obsolete parts and enhancing those that are lately considered important.

    I must also apologize for the delay in uploading some of the contents mentioned in the abstract.  Furthermore some small revisions and extensions will be introduced in this website without warning as long as they are considered non significant modifications of the work. If the changes are considered important I will introduce the pertinent warnings and perhaps a new version number. It is tranquillizing for a scientific author to have a web type publication of his work in which he can make quick corrections and revisions. I just hope that these changes do not create much confusion in the interested visitor.

  Although everybody will admit that a scientific paper must be judged only by its content and not by the curriculum of its author, I know that in practice this is not the case. But nevertheless I have no fear to reveal that I am an "amateur" physicist that (a long time ago) passed 3 years of  Physics at the University,  but did not graduate.  My job has nothing to do with theoretical or experimental Physics. 

    I'm aware that there are numerous amateur (and professional) physicists that dedicate years of hard work to "creative" Physics and their work is never recognized or what is worst, not even criticized but just ignored. Many new theories related with these subjects can be found in the internet. Some of them are, in my modest opinion, very naive but others contain interesting paradigms. None of them have attracted enough interest in the Physics Community to challenge the official theories. So I know I musn't be very optimistic on this subject. But I'm also sure that some of the paradigms presented in this work will be qualified as "interesting" by some patient and open readers familiar with the subject. They are encouraged to correct or to falsify the model, or to make further developments of it. They are also encouraged to adopt any of the paradigms or concepts of this model for their own studies.  Most physicists will still prefer to stick with today's description of Physics in spite of the paradoxes and inconsistencies of Special Relativity and its blind positivistic description of quantum mechanics.

  Unfortunately I think that it will still take some time until the so called 'Physics Community' becomes conscious that many of the limitations that have accompanied the description of Physics during the last 70 years are not inherent to it, and feels the need to investigate new description paradigms.


   I am grateful to my family and my friends who have always regarded with respect my devotion to theoretical Physics.

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